Quite a big claim, right?

According to Bloomberg, an Indie Taiwanese hacker Chang Chi-yuan will go live this Sunday and attempt to hack  Zuckerberg’s Facebook page. The famous Taiwan hacker wants to delete Zuckerberg’s Facebook page.
Zuckerberg’s page has been hacked before. In 2011, a hacker was successful in hacking into the page and made a status update saying:
“Let the hacking begin: If facebook needs money, instead of going to the banks, why doesn’t Facebook let its users invest in Facebook in a social way? Why not transform Facebook into a ‘social business’ the way Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus described it? What do you think? #hackercup2011”.
Broadcasting the deletion of FB founder Zuck’s account,” the hacker told his 26,000 plus followers. Many successful attempts have been made in the past to hack data from different social media sites. What makes this claim unique is the idea of doing it in a ‘live broadcast’.
“I don’t want to be a proper hacker, and I don’t even want to be a hacker at all. I’m just bored and try to dabble so that I can earn some money,” said Chang in his recent post.
In the past few years, some of the massive data breaches have taken place. Be it DoorDash’s recent breach or Russian Grid hacking, the entire online system is vulnerable to attacks. There are also programs that offer rewards to hackers for finding out the vulnerabilities and loopholes in the system.
Chang’s recent post has created a lot of hype over the internet in just a few hours of the post. No one from the Facebook team has responded to the post as yet. Let’s wait till this Sunday to see whether Zuckerberg’s page gets hacked again or not.

Update: According to Bloomberg News, Chang wrote in a post, “I am canceling my live feed, I have reported the bug to Facebook and I will show proof when I get the bounty from Facebook,”
He further said:

“There will still be a lot of people questioning my ability even after I find many bugs and earn a copious amount of bounty, and I shouldn’t try to prove myself by toying with Zuck’s account”.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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