Google ‘Lookout’ app uses AI to help the visually impaired

Mockups of two Google Pixel 3 XL showing Google Lookout running
via Google

Google has introduced its latest initiative for helping the differently-abled community. Google Lookout is a U.S. exclusive app that seeks to help visually impaired individuals see the world around them. With the help of AI, the app help users navigate the world by having their smartphone dictate text and describe the objects around them.

The app is currently exclusive to the Pixel family of phones, including the first Pixel. Users will need their phone’s OS to be on Android 8.0.

Once you have the app installed, all you have to do is it and keep the back camera facing your visual range (the screen should be facing your body). It is recommended to keep the phone around your neck via a lanyard for optimal results, as shown in the video, but people can also use their front shirt pocket.

Keep in mind that the app is still experimental. Users will have to be patient with it, and Google welcomes feedback.

What really makes the app stand out is the integration of AI. Google has been looking to implement AI into their products, with Google Lens being the most prominent example.

Google has been looking to broaden their use of AI after it debuted Google Duplex at Google IO 2018 demo. While the demo did come under fire for being faked on stage, it has had an early rollout in 43 states earlier this month.

With Google Lookout, it seems that the company is indeed on the right track of utilizing this technology for a greater good.

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