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Heartiest congratulations to Donna Strickland on winning a Nobel Prize for laser physics.

Donna Strickland becomes the 3rd woman to have ever received Nobel Prize and the entire women community could not be any happier.
She shares this prestigious prize with Arthur Ashkin from the US and Gérard Mourou from France “for groundbreaking inventions in the field of laser physics, “(Source: BBC).
Praising the work of Donna and her colleagues, the Nobel Prize Committee added:
“The CPA-technique invented by Strickland and Mourou revolutionized laser physics”.
Chirped Pulse Amplification
The concept that Donna and her fellow researchers worked on is known as ‘Chirped Pulse Amplification’. The high-intensity laser beams produced as a result of it are then used for a plethora of applications including surgery, drilling, cutting etc.
When a reporter reminded the wonder woman that she is the third woman to have ever won Nobel Prize, Donna replied: “Is that all, really? I thought there might have been more.”
She further added:
“We need to celebrate women physicists because we’re out there. Hopefully, in time, it will start to move forward at a faster rate.”
The last time a woman won the Nobel Prize was 55 years ago. This is a huge win for ”Women in STEM” who have been going against all odds to prove how much are they capable of. Women like Vera Rubin who failed to receive any recognition for her outstanding discovery of the dark matter makes us realize how badly do we need to recognize women in STEM.
To women in STEM who continue to do the entire women community immense proud!

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