The culture of startups in the world is expanding day by day serving the worldwide population. A startup is basically a young company that provides the people with a product or offer that isn’t currently being offered in the market.

DealSmash is a data analytics company that is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for business development. AI provide consumer insights to brands and provides the shoppers with the kind of offers they prefer using data and seeing their buying patterns. You don’t have to skim through anything and everything because you can get all you want in one plate with DealSmash!

The mission statement as per DealSmash, “Our AI-based Recommender System enables DealSmash to analyze the data. The company evaluates shopper’s buying behavior and produces personalized and directed offers to save time and to keep a brand’s consumers comfortable and contented.”

DealSmash has an app that provides the customers by observing their choice of products, their buying patterns, location and many other factors with deals and targeted offers. Rather than going through the internet to find new deals the customers get a direct alert from the source.

Using the namesake mobile app, shoppers can win many shopping vouchers and get cashback benefits by using the app to scan their payment receipts.

The more you use the app and the deals the more discount you start getting on the products. The customers are given coupons which they can use while buying online or by showing them at different outlets and shopping centers. The users, more likely the shopaholics are occupied with alerts related to their taste and interest. To sum it up, DealSmash provides the customers with a convenient experience.

Raised a Funding Of 8.8m PKR

A startup based in Islamabad raised funding of 8.8M PKR from National ICT R&D funds. This will help the buyers more by recommending live discount and deals through an artificially intelligent shopping recommendation system that is developed by utilizing the funds.

Customers say that this enhances their experience and saves money as well as time. After this DealSmash has increased its income by gaining more customers and their loyalty.

It has recently opened in Karachi offering discounts and deals at several stores across the city. Many loyal customers earn their cash-back simply by shopping and dining at different outlets through the reward system. The app runs online as well as offline and is available on both Android and iOS making it easier for the users.

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