Up for some lighthearted jab on Artificial Intelligence? Go check out Burger Kings’ new advertisement campaign.

The new campaign has quite decently mocked at technology taking the world by storm. They have made their viewers believe that each video from the series has been created through artificial intelligence. Whereas in reality none of them has been created through artificial intelligence. Originally these ads were created and designed by David Miami – the company behind the previous Net Neutrality-themed campaign of burger king with tempting and mouthwatering pictures.
The most exciting thing about these campaigns is the way Burger King is playing around on social media by making statements, telling people that they trained a machine to script all this nonsense.
Where some of the Burger King fans appreciated the mock, the others took it seriously calling it a “Bot Abuse”. We can also see a stream of people who actually believed in Burger Kings story.
Burger King has thrown 5 videos on its YouTube channel. According to AdAge, the company will be airing these commercials on reputed TV networks during prime slots. All this is due in the first week of October.

What’s important is to guess what exactly Burger King wants to hint through this campaign. Is it an alarm for the creative human existence? Well, Burger King has left a lot for us to think upon. All that Burger King wants us to do is “Eat the Math”. But, we are definitely loving the Oh-so tasty gibberish Burger King has launched.
So all Creative heads, fear your professional existence with Burger King setting new trends.

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