The Eastern Region of Ghana boats of several prestigious schools with exemplary performances. Therefore, if you are thinking of taking your child to the best school in the eastern region, you should consider comparing the twenty schools that have been mentioned below and choose the one that will best serve your purpose.

You only need to do your due diligence and find out which one of them has the potential to meet all your needs and requirements. At the end of the day, you will want nothing but the best for your child.

Best 20 senior high schools in eastern region

Some of the best 20 senior high schools in the eastern region of Ghana include:

  1. St .Peter SHS
  2. Aburi Girls SHS
  3. Pope John’s SHS
  4. St .Roses’s SHS
  5. Koforidua Sec Tech
  6. Abuakwa State College
  7. Benkum SHS
  8. Krobo Girls SHS
  9. Koforidua SHS
  10. Anum Presby SHS
  11. St Peter’s Boys Senior High School
  12. St. Martin’s Senior High School
  13. Suhum Secondary Technical School
  14. Benkum Senior High School
  15. Aburi Presbyterian Secondary Technical School
  16. Methodist Girl’s Senior High School
  17. Akwamuman Senior High School
  18. Oyoko Methodist Senior High School
  19. Nifa Senior High School
  20. Benkum Senior High School
  21. Larteh Abuakwa State College
  22. Kibi

With the list mentioned above, it is clear that there are many schools you could take your young one to in the eastern region. You only need to find out what each school has to offer and make comparisons prior to picking your ideal school that will help your child achieve his or her dreams.

You can read the full list of senior high schools in Ghana according to WAEC here.

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