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Apple’s keynote disappointed those you were waiting for AirPower. AirPower is Apple’s wireless charging plate that can charge all of the company’s devices.
Belkin’s has announced its very own wireless charging dock set to release this December. If you have already gotten your hands on those irresistible iPhones i.e., XS an XS Max then we’d love to break it to you that this wireless dock charges iPhone 8 and all its descendant models.
Belkin’s wireless charging dock offers 7.5W for all the Qi-enabled devices. This wireless dock charges iPhone 8, 8Plus, X, XS, XS Max, and Apple watch.

Key features

  • 7.5W for Qi-enabled devices
  • USB port for the third device
  • Charges phones through phone cases (up to 3mm thick)
  • Nightstand mode for Apple watch
  • 3-year warranty

Price and release

Belkin’s wireless charging dock is priced at $160 and will be available from December.
All in all, the dock looks solid. The dock will be available at Apple stores and at selective vendors. If you have been waiting for AirPower for a long time now, try Belkin’s wireless charging dock that is essentially the same.
Note: Belkin is also releasing a new PowerHouse Charge Dock that works equally well with all the aforementioned Apple devices. Additionally, this device will also be able to charge iPhone 5 5 and all the way down to the latest ones. This one is priced at $100 for both i.e., Apple watch and iPhones.
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