According to a report published by iGeneration, it looks like Apple might soon repair iPhones with third-party batteries. Apple currently offers a generous repair program for older iPhones at a nominal fee.

MacRumors later confirmed the with their own sources and an internal document.

Currently, Genius Bars and Apple Authorized Service Provider Programs (AASP) refuse to service iPhones with third-party batteries. This has increased consumer reliance on non-Apple-certified stores.

Apple may have won back some customer goodwill (and repair dollars) with this revised rule.

The repairs will still, of course, require a nominal fee, but this could open the gates for consumers to get easier access to Apple’s repair benefits.

The new rule also states that in circumstances where the third-party battery is found to be the culprit of a phone’s malfunction, it can now be replaced by an official Apple battery.

There’s also good news for people with heavily damaged iPhones. If the battery compartment has been found to be beyond repair, the iPhone can be replaced at just the cost of the battery. However, this decision is up to the tech at the Genius Bar & AASP.

Apple did something similar back in 2017 when they relaxed their policy on fixing phones with third-party displays.

Currently, there is no news on when the new rule would go into effect. Until it does, Apple consumers with third-party batteries will have to wait patiently for a formal announcement.

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