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LG G6 Release Date, News, Rumors and Price

What this new phone will offer There are rumors about the company experiencing with OLED displays and wireless charging technology. The LG G5 can be everything but boring. It has impressive specs and two rear cameras to improve and modify with accessories, making it a great option for phone lovers. However, there’s still a lot […]

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Most Addictive Free iPhone Games

Free iPhone Games iPhone is an internet-related multimedia smartphone which combines the principal functions of several favorite electronic gadgets in a single device. By its liquid crystal display HVGA touch screen and the least hardware interface, it permits us to interact enhanced irrespective in watching the video, get on the Internet, and listen to music, […]

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Apple 12-inch MacBook Review

It could be that Apple has come up with the best portable laptop so far with the 12-inch MacBook. It is faster and more durable than anything else now or previously but the question now is where do they go after this? Seemingly leading the market with their laptops, tablets and smartphones, Apple must surely […]

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

2016 would be the year that Samsung was finally able to blend everything together and come up with the ultimate phone. The new S7 is not as curvy as the Galaxy S7 Edge or even the Note 7. However, it is a phone you should consider buying. Of course, the Galaxy S7 is competing with […]

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Huawei Honor 8 Review

Huawei is a very much known company that has been producing cell phones for a much longer period. This Huawei honor 8 is their innovation. Honor 8 is a beautiful set with a very sleek and slim style. It has a double glass panel design which makes it more attractive. It’s amazing and unique style […]

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The Synesthesia Mask

A DIY Project That Simulates Synesthesia If a person has synesthesia, then they can experience emotional stimuli with more than one sense. It means that they can, for example, taste colors or smell sounds. It could be in the form of looking at a brown door and getting the taste or aroma of coffee, for […]

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A Preview of The iPhone 7

The much-awaited Apple’s September iPhone launch edging closer and with every passing day, rumors seem to gain more life. In what appears to be a tradition, some of these rumors seem exaggerated, but they still prove relevant to creating a vivid picture of what to look forward to at the launch. iPhone 7 Design: Off […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review

Five years after Samsung launched their large Android phone with the built-in stylus, we now have the Galaxy Note 7, otherwise known as ‘the phablet.’ Although other manufacturers have tried with big phones with a built-in stylus, the Galaxy Note 7 has consistently out-performed them every year and is considered to be the best large-screen […]