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Chrome for iOS updated with ‘dark mode’

With Android and iOS already having introduced dark mode as part of their system-wide settings, Chrome’s new version is now available for iOS. Google has added support for the iOS 13 dark mode in the new update and redesigned some parts of the browser as well with a card-based UI. This was a much-awaited update […]

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How to get Android 10 on Galaxy S10

Samsung has introduced Android 10 beta program on Galaxy S10, which will enable the users to enjoy and test the new One UI with all the Android 10 features before its official launch. One UI aims to redefine the smartphone experience by simplifying and streamlining interactions, thereby making them appear more natural and efficient. The […]

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What to expect from Google Hardware Event 2019

Google is all prepared for its annual hardware event, where it will be unveiling a few new products that have been making rounds on the Internet for some time now. We have already seen an array of information available on Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL, from pictures to videos and even key specs. Google Pixelbook Go has also […]

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How to get more SoundCloud Plays for your Tracks

Getting views on any form of social media or application is no easy feat. Just think of the struggles that Youtubers go through every day, with new videos struggling to get the likes and views that will earn them a living. Think of Facebook users whos videos aren’t getting enough shares to generate likes and […]

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How to download macOS Catalina

Apple has officially released macOS Catalina, the latest version of its Mac operating system, and can now be downloaded by anyone with a compatible MacBook. Like any new operating system, Catalina brings a series of changes to macOS. One of the most notable is that the iTunes has been removed, to be replaced by three new […]